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Our office participates with Medicare any Many Private Health Plans.  We will advise to the best of our ability as to our In Network or out of Network status when asked; however, ultimately it is up to each patient to contact their Insurer to ensure we are in Network with their Insurer prior to the patients visit.  In such case that our medical practice is not in Network, the cost of any uncovered services will become the responsibility of the patient.  Please let the office know of any changes to your Insurance Plan prior to your visit so they can assist you with coverage knowledge.

Patient Responsibility
As an Insured Patient you may be required by your health plan to pay a co-pay, co-insurance, or a deductible for each visit.  Our office will collect any cost share payments at the time of service.  In the event we do not have proper data on what to collect, our office will send the patient a bill, typically within thirty days.  

Insurance Billing
Our Providers bill each visit level and type based on medical diagnoses, time spent, and considering chronic conditions.  The provider bills the insured's health plan for the type of visit based on each visit and criteria set forth by the health plan.  Our office is happy to address any billing concerns after feedback from your healthplan comes back; however we cannot adjust the type of visit, because a certain type of visit, would have saved you from a co-pay.  We have strict, legal billing guidelines to adhere to at all times.  Please remember, it is not the type of visit you asked for, billing is done based on the visit each patient actually had.
Patient Billing Statements
When a patient receives a billing statement from our office, the balance owed is due within ten days of receipt.  At our discretion, we may add a late charge of $10.00 if the balance is not paid in a timely manner.  Patients must call our Billing Department to make payment arrangements if there are any difficulties in paying your bill in a timely fashion.  
Self Pay Patients
Self Pay Visits are due at the time of service.  A new Patient Visit is $285.00 and an Existing Patient Visit is $165.00  These visit costs do not include any additional testing, outside lab fees, Injections or other services provided to the patient on visit date or other date.    


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